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Correct my mistakes (sentence case)
*lower case: small letters as opposed to capital letters (non-capital letters). Also known as: little letters, small letters...
When to use: if you accidentally left the caps lock on and typed something. If you read something interesting somewhere, it was written only in capital letters.
*UPPER CASE: only capital letters. Also knows as uppercase, capital letters, capitals, caps, large letters.
When to use: if you want to emphasize something. If you are annoyed, and want to yell. If you find the text is hard to read.
*Title Case: the first letter of each word is capitalized. Please note that Title Case is not a universal standard. Instead, there are a number of style guides. There are exceptions depending on the examples.
When to use: titles of books, movies, songs. menu options, newspaper articles, website title tag, website meta description tag, field, checkbox, radio button labels, dialog box titles, tab descriptions, options in drop-down lists. And all technical short descriptions (names of programs, function groups, transactions, CUA statuses, and so on).
*Correct my mistakes: serves to assist in the proper writing sentences online. We launched this project to help people in everyday typing situations, fix punctuation errors, etc.. Help consists of writing capital letters where needed, creating a space between letters, or erasing an unnecessary space. The program is based primarily on English grammar and works as a simple "grammar check and correct".
The program does not have the option to correct spelling errors and does not have the option to reduce capital letters, the reason being the capital letters in the people names, cities, etc...
If you want to edit inconsistent sentence with a capital letters, first use the "lower case" option (convert whole text), then "Correct my mistakes". Please understand, there are many rules to include and apply.
This is a beta version, we work on it every day. Mistakes are possible and expected at this stage. If you notice a mistake, please contact us and give us an example it will help us to improve the program.
When to use: if you want to check the quality of your writing sentence. If you want to correct the incorrectly written sentences. If you are just a beginner and you do not know how to write correctly. If you have copied interesting text and want to correct it.
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